5 makeup essentials for your handbag


A girl can go without a lip shade or an eye shadow, but she cannot go without these 5 essential things in her handbag. Suppose you have had a busy day of meetings and are looking dead tired, and you suddenly realize that you have an important personal appointment in an hour, what can you do to look presentable and feel great about yourself? Not everyone can run to their house back and forth, and certainly not everyone can carry an elaborate makeup kit in their bag. Everyone wants to cut down on the makeup items they carry especially in a small purse or clutch.

  1. Lip balm

This is very important to keep your lips supple and glowing. Cracked lips can easily add many years to your age. Using a lip balm can instantly add an innocent glow to your face. Natural lip balms made of honey and beeswax are always the best bet. You can even get lip balm in different colours, like red and pink to add an edgy look to your face, but make sure that these colours are natural derivatives. Because, unlike a lip shade, you’ll have to use a lip balm several times a day and you may end up consuming it without knowing.

  1. Moisturizer

A high quality moisturizer is quintessential to a healthy and youthful skin. Keep a multi-purpose moisturizer that can be used for the face, body as well as a hand crème. Dry skin is the cause of ageing. So, always keep your skin well hydrated, especially if you sit in an air-conditioned office room for hours together.

  1. Mascara

Many leading makeup artists swear by this statement: “You can skip wearing kajal or eye liner but you cannot skip wearing mascara. A curled up lashes with a stroke of mascara makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. If you want to instantly change your tired face to a fresh new face all you need is good quality mascara.


  1. Concealer

A product that corrects and evens out your skin tone is highly necessary to veil away the scars, acne marks, dark spots, fine lines and dark circles. A concealer which is not too liquid and not too dry is ideal. Because liquid ones start to melt and dry ones crease easily and do not adhere to the skin.


  1. Perfume

To look good you need to be happy first. External makeup alone will not be enough to give you a fresh gleeful glow on your face. One thing that can make your mood happy is good smell, which in the fashion dictionary is known as perfume. Always keep your favorite brand of flowery/fruity perfume for daytime and a more deep woody aromatic perfume for the night. Splash it graciously but remember not to overdo it, because too much of anything is bad!



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