Pankaj & Nidhi presents ‘The House of Cards’


Pankaj & Nidhi present their Autumn Winter 2014 collection, intriguingly titled ‘The House of Cards’.

Playing cards were invented as early as the ninth century in Imperial China and made their way to Europe via Egypt around the 14th century. Over hundreds of years, linked with royalty and revolution, there has been a rather colorful evolution of cards to the way we see them in their present day form.

While playing cards have often been used for recreational games, often with varying stakes, they have become a symbol of ones quest for luck and fortune (or misfortune!), the designers find themselves inspired by the sheer beauty of the innumerable patterns that adorn both sides of the cards. Each deck has its own character, telling a story with its ornamental facades, each identical, concealing underneath – completely un-identical patterns that form the four complete suits. They are also a magician’s best friends and the repertoire of tricks using cards is limitless.

Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds descend into the realm of fashion and textile by manifesting in a mélange of patterns – engineered through dexterous embroideries and graphic prints that are a signature of Pankaj & Nidhi’s visual vocabulary.

This is an evening wear collection – using a color palette that ranges from winter pastels of mint and powder blue to vivid vermillion, deck-table green, off set against bold, card-like black and whites. Silhouettes and embroideries are inspired by Spanish matador costumes – bolero jackets, cascading capes, uniform jackets and high-waist pants with intricate gold appliqués and cord-work among other techniques.

The collection evokes nostalgia, mystery and a sense of wonder and grandeur. Come play – you’re promised a good hand.

 Available at Evoluzione, No 3, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai. + 91- 44 – 2833 3627



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