Radha Ravi suspended from DMK


Actor Radha Ravi has been suspended from the DMK party after his misogynistic comments about actress Nayanthara at a film event. He made certain derogatory references to Nayanthara at the trailer launch event of the film kolaiyuthir Kaalam in which Nayanthara plays the lead role. Even though Nayanthara was not present at the event, a video of the speech which was  posted on social media sites went viral and sparked  criticism from a  number of people in the Tamil Nadu film industry.  DMK president MK Stalin condemned this behaviour and said that it was against the ideals of the party.

He took immediate action and suspended Radha Ravi from the primary membership of the party. Nayanthara was perturbed by these comments and said that Radha Ravi considering his seniority and experience in the industry should lead the younger generation by example instead of which he has taken up the role of a misogynistic role model. She thanked DMK president Stalin for taking immediate action.



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