Prince William and Kate got a new pet during lockdown


Prince William and Kate Middleton are animal lovers. So are Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. They had a family pet dog named Lupo which passed away last year. It was a real blow to them. However, they managed to recover from the loss and move on as they secretly got a new puppy which is part of the same bloodline. This new puppy which they got during the lockdown from Kate’s brother James Middleton, has become very close to the family. James is also an animal lover and he has his own dog food brand Ella & Co.

Their main idea to get the new puppy was to keep Lupo company and to instil more life and energy into him. Sadly, the two dogs hardly spent a few months together before Lupo died.
The name of this puppy is not known. Lupo means ‘wolf’ in Italian. Maybe they have opted for a similar name for this puppy too
All the three Cambridge kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are loving their new pet, especially as the elder two are currently homeschooled.



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