Donald Trump’s Old Casino Demolished After Falling Into A State Of Disrepair


A spot on the Atlantic City Boardwalk where movie stars, athletes, and rock stars used to party – and a future president honed his instincts for bravado and hype – was reduced to a dusty pile of rubble. The former Trump Plaza casino was imploded after falling into such disrepair that chunks of the building began peeling off and crashing to the ground.

A series of loud explosions around 9 am rocked the building, which started to collapse in a wave from back to front until it plunged straight down in a giant cloud of dust that enveloped the beach and Boardwalk. Overall, it took the structure less than 20 seconds to implode.

The remaining pile of rubble is about eight stories tall and would be removed by June 10. Some of it could be used by environmentalists interested in building an artificial fishing reef off the coast of Atlantic City. Additional parts of the casino-hotel complex fronting on the Boardwalk and on Pacific Avenue, the main road along the row of casinos, were not included in the implosion. They will be demolished in the near future using heavy equipment, not explosives.



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