Precious Stones by Nebula


Precious Stones by Nebula

An exclusive selection of studded 18 carat solid gold watches

Precious stones and pure gold come together to forge stunning watches. Designed like kadasand bracelets, these watches are perfect for traditional Indian attire.


Crafted in 18 carat solid gold and embellished with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, yellow sapphires and pearls, these watches are an inspiration of the rich Indian heritage and historic royal culture. Truly designed to adorn the wrist of graceful women.

Nebula from Titan is a selection of watches that are made from solid 18 carat gold and precious stones. The exclusive watches from the collection are exquisite and designed with a traditional touch. Each of the watches are illustrations of delicate craftsmanship and excellence in watch making.

Nebula watches are priced between Rs.29000 – Rs.625000



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