Fashionably Forward From The South – Varuni Mohan


Varuni Mohan, Luxury Brand Consultant

She’s well known for her impeccable dress sense and ability to carry off almost any look gracefully. Being fashionably turned out is part of her job description as a luxury brand consultant, hence her closet is filled with classic treasures.

Here’s what Varuni Mohan chose to highlight from her extensive collection of fashion accessories.


A black Zara pantsuit is Varuni’s outfit of choice, since it is classic and her favourite thing to wear.


The much coveted red heel – Christian Louboutin pumps in lavender, gold and black in patent leather with a super high heel. She wears them during the day and at night, just to add the feel good factor to her look.


From Etro, it has the classic brand related paisley pattern printed on leather, embellished with a blingy amethyst gem stone detail. And Varuni loves this since it also happens to be her birth stone.


A very special gift from her mother, just because she admired a similar pattern worn by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. They’re antique gold chandelier earrings studded with small rubies and emeralds that her mom picked up from Srishti Jewellers in Bengaluru


A Salvatore Ferragamo exclusive, this beautiful piece was a farewell gift by the Brand Head when Varuni bid them adieu after having worked with them for two years.



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