Fashionably Forward From The South – Urmilla Agarwal


Urmilla Agarwal, Designer & Stylist – Chennai

The stunning Urmila Agarwal who has been a stylist for close to 6 years, has now started her own design studio called Mint Closet which specialises in made-to-order clothing and apparel for woman and kids. One of the most fashionably dressed ladies on Chennai’s social scene, she’s always impeccably turned out and is often seen wearing some stunning designer pieces. Here’s what she picked from her closet to showcase for us:


This short brown tassel dress is from BCBG. It’s a fun dress and perfect for a night out.


 Like all other women, she loves bling and sparkly goodies. Hence this beautiful bracelet from Cartier. It’s something she loves to wear and goes with a lot of different looks.


Her timekeepers are exclusive, but classic like the sleek Rolex she’s sporting. It’s a brand you can’t go wrong with, she says.


High heels are her best friend and she loves the colourful Valentinos that add spunk to a bold tone to her outfit.

Necklace and hand harness

Two unique pieces from Outhouse. The necklace holds a special significance to her and hence she chooses to wear it, and keeping in mind her slightly funky twist to fashion, the hand harness reiterates her style statement.



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