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Fashion is an essential part of our lives, and everyone has their own unique sense of style. While some people are born fashionistas others need some fashion inspiration. People often look out for tips and inspirations impressed by the lavish lifestyle and aesthetically pleasing photographs and videos of fashion bloggers. From dressing up in style for a festive occasion, work or late-night partying and casual dining there’s always a style tip you can refer to anytime. Fashion influencers create more than just ramp-worthy looks and they show us how to amp-up our styling game. They are all pros in the world of glitz and glam and their curated feeds are just so dang pretty to look at. Here we have five top-notch Chennai-based fashion bloggers you must follow for all the fashion inspirations you need.

Text: Ancy Donal Madonna

Pavithra Balakrishnan

From an IT professional to one of the city’s top fashion and beauty bloggers, Pavithra Balakrishnan has come a long way. She has found her true calling and here she is inspiring millions. Her vibe is bold and fierce, and her blog speaks more about street fashion. She believes in making a trend instead of following one. She is the one who wants to create looks that are trendy but also classy and practical. Be it fashion lookbook, makeup tutorials, product reviews, or styling tips her page has it all!

What’s your blog called and why?

As we could tell by the name itself that it has not been started for fashion. It was started for my YouTube channel where I review makeup products hence the name Makeup, and then I wanted something classy, sophisticated, and girls could relate to, hence I came up with Makeup Martini.

There are many fashion bloggers out there. So how is your blog unique?

I don’t usually follow a lot of trends, I come up with something that works for me and the audience would able to create instead of something impractical.

When did you realize you want to get into the fashion industry?

Actually, I didn’t realize for a long time but it was the people around me who told me that I’m doing really well and also received a lot of fashion brand deals. So that’s when it struck me and I started making a lot of fashion posts.

How do you get your following?

I have done a lot of International product reviews and that’s how I started getting more International traffic and even now the US is my first audience and the second is India, hence the following I guess.

What is it that you love about blogging?

It’s about getting the flair for rating, and publishing a blog article is very liberating. Instagram is fun but blogs are much more serious and it’s more on a very personal note. It’s more like a peek of my personal diary and working with the brands that I absolutely love is the most exciting part.

How do you balance and juggle multiple roles? What keeps you awake and going?

I think content keeps my mind going so I don’t feel bored or monotonous. I have to challenge myself and keeping venturing out and do stuff that I’m not so comfortable doing. So I have evolved as a person a lot.


Label love: Christian Dior & Marchesa

Favourite Lipstick shade: MAC Russian Red

Must have accessory: Statement earrings

Current fashion obsession: Basic neutrals

Style statement: Something chic yet bold, minimal, and classy

Jean or dress: Dress

Messy hair or done up: Messy hair



Instagram Followers: 95.5K



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