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Fashion is an essential part of our lives, and everyone has their own unique sense of style. While some people are born fashionistas others need some fashion inspiration. People often look out for tips and inspirations impressed by the lavish lifestyle and aesthetically pleasing photographs and videos of fashion bloggers. From dressing up in style for a festive occasion, work or late-night partying and casual dining there’s always a style tip you can refer to anytime. Fashion influencers create more than just ramp-worthy looks and they show us how to amp-up our styling game. They are all pros in the world of glitz and glam and their curated feeds are just so dang pretty to look at. Here we have five top-notch Chennai-based fashion bloggers you must follow for all the fashion inspirations you need.

Text: Ancy Donal Madonna

Noopur Kalra Dimri

Noopur Kalra Dimri is a fashion blogger and stylist who had worked in many Kollywood films. Her love for fashion and styling paved way for her fashion line, Label Noopur Kalra. Noopur is a body positivity advocate and she is all about breaking stereotypes, feeling confident in one’s own skin, and finding comfort in fashion. Noopur’s blog strongly plays with colours and imagination. Her eccentric sense of style and accessorising skills are extremely eye-catching.

What sparked your interest in blogging? 

For me it all started as a hobby and being a blogger was never on my mind. I always had a love for fashion but was too shy to do something about it, so I wanted to break that and get out of it so that’s when I pursued fashion and now here I am.

Why do you blog?

I have a voice and a platform to express my point of view not only in terms of fashion but anything that needs to be addressed. I talk about body positivity and woman empowerment as well and that’s something I can do being a blogger.

What’s your most loved mainstream campaign with big brands?

I have worked with many non-fashion mainstream brands like HDFC, 7Up, Colgate, Hersheys and Lays and I absolutely loved it. The most exciting was Lays as they printed my smile on the packet.

How do you describe your blog?

I don’t really care about others and I wear what I feel like. I started to accept myself and that’s what people relate to me. So basically I bring confidence to the table and I only portray the things I believe in.

Tell us about your fashion label…

So Label Noopur Kalra is basically a line for customized and readymade clothes, but my main forte is customization and I’m currently working with bridal trousseau as well.

What’s the most exciting moment being an influencer?

When my followers come up to me and recognize me it feels like I’ve done something right.

What best describes your sense of fashion?

Wear whatever you want to with confidence and you will definitely feel amazing.


Loved fashion trend of all time: Classics

Treasured buys: Gucci belt

Favourite fragrance: Jimmy Choo

Pastels or bright colours: Pastels

Satchel or clutch: Satchel

Style statement: Anything that makes me stand out

One person you would love to style: Sara Ali Khan

Current fashion obsession: Off shoulder & sneakers



Instagram Followers: 93.4K



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