Park Hyatt Chennai & Big Bandha Presents Habit


Park Hyatt Chennai and Big Bandha Present ‘Habit’, unorthodox experiential gastronomy. This 8-course dinner experience will be curated by Manoj Padmanaban of Big Bandha and brought to life by Balaji Natarajan, Executive Chef Park Hyatt Chennai.

Manoj’s take on people’s day to day habits that are hard to give up, and how food plays a role in them is a unique concept being showcased. Every course will highlight a common habit and tell the story around it. The experience will be a gastronomical surprise with visual drama. The aim is to break most rules with the ultimate goal of pleasing the palate while figuring out the combination of various textures, flavors and cuisines from around the world that impact human habits.

The execution of this food extravaganza rests with Chef Balaji who along with his talented team will ensure these habits come to life. Always up for a challenge, his passion for food drives him to high levels of creativity.

The Flying Elephant is a celebration of the five senses in a dynamic culinary theatre. Spread across three levels, it offers a unique dining experience with delectable cuisines including, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, North Indian, Italian & Western and serves as the hotel’s signature dining destination. The Flying Elephant at Park Hyatt Chennai features a dynamic vertical dining destination standing fifty meters tall in a blanket of glass.

When: 13th & 14th March 2020

Where: The Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt Chennai.




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