Our Actual Anchors: Mayank Anand With Nirvi And Manya


A superhero, guide, friend or role model fathers mean a lot of things to their children and stand by them at all moments. To acknowledge this precious bond of fatherhood, every year Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. He can be anything – strict, cool, expressive or a doting one – he surely is the support system in any child’s upbringing. Recognizing the special role of the male parent, we spoke to a couple of dads about their relationships with their kids. Read ahead to know about it better…


Mayank Anand With Nirvi And Manya

In What Ways Does Becoming A Father Change Life?

Being a father has made me fearful of everything, but I’m still standing tall and facing my fears in this process of learning. Night terrors are a common thing. As well as the awe of creation of life itself makes it unbelievable that they are my children and I created this. This sense of belonging is immense.

What One Thing Have Nirvi And Manya Completely Taken After You On?

My eyes, my wife says my eyelashes too, ears, and my eating habits. When I was at Nirvi’s age (all of four and a half) – they used to call me “channi” as all that went into my mouth, all the hard slimy stuff needed to come out. She does exactly that. And lastly, the love for cartoons.

What Special Things Do You And Your Girls Do Together?

Each week I have a new movie on Sunday. So I sit with her and watch a new animated/cartoon movie or a show. I want her to have the same upbringing as I did with the media that I had at our time. The shows of our time always had an underlying teaching and character building subconscious messages within the show.

How Do You Rate Yourself As A Father?

Ummm.. maybe a 3 on 10. I feel, I still have a long way to go and grow with my children. I am still young and I keep making mistakes all the time.

What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Being A Dad?

Sacrificing your needs over the needs of your children. It should come naturally to you, right? Being an Architect and a DJ – and managing timelines like that, doesn’t leave you much time with your kids. The most difficult part of life today is time management.

How Would You Describe Your Bond With Your Daughters?

With Nirvi it’s never a dull moment. She is a very spunky, full of energy and full of life child. She is a tornado and I think to myself as to what will my little one, Manya become?



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