On The Ball With Suhail Chandhok


RITZ goes #OnTheBall with popular Tv Presenter and Sports Commentator Suhail Chandhok

Periscope is a great addition from Twitter that Suhail followed globally and was waiting to kick off a little in India. Simply put, Periscope gives any use the ability to “go Live” on your device anywhere and at any time. It literally gives you the chance to be your own broadcasting network on the run, streaming video & audio to viewers who can join in from any part of the globe and interact live with you with questions or comments.

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Suhail found a job he loves and as an added benefit he gets to meet some amazing people on the way who have some incredible life stories to share. Suhail saw this as an opportunity to catch them in an informal environment and get to know the real person behind who they are in the public eye. Suhail says,”. I was pleasantly surprised to know that “On The Ball with Suhail” is India’s first Periscope chat show & I’m glad the guys at Twitter India responded immediately when I went to them with the idea to do something different.”

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While talking about some people he has interviewed names like Ronnie Screwvala and Abhishek Bachchan are people that he started off with. With each chat Suhail saw something new being brought to the table. He goes on to say,” The response was fantastic and I then had some really fun yet intriguing chats with, Paris Dakar rider CS Santhosh, Olympian Viren Rasquinha and Bengaluru FC visionary Mustafa Ghouse as well. Going ahead we’ve got some pretty interesting guests lined up from the world of Golf, Business, Tennis, Snooker & given that we are on the Road to Rio, we’ll have Olympic involvement for sure as well.”

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Selections of guests on the show were something Suhail was very particular about. He wanted to choose people who are not obvious icons in the industry. Being a former cricketer himself he noticed that there are a lot of unsung heroes from various sports that he feels needs more of a voice. Suhail talks about how crowd pleasing stories are just not his intention. He says, “Heroes like Indian Luge athlete Shiva Kesavan or Chennai’s own squash champ, Joshna, are stories that need and warrant more of a voice and I do hope that On The Ball does more than just paint a pretty picture, I really do want to be able to draw inspiration out of these incredible success stories and give our young generation a strong reason to believe in a journey!”

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Looking back on some memories from the show Suhail tells us about the great friendship that has formed between Abhishek Bachchan and himself over the last couple of years . Suhail laughs while telling us that a fan had requested Abhishek and Suhail to do a movie together. Suhail smirks, “Abhishek was all for the idea he even said totally, let’s do it…I’ve always wanted to do a Tamil film so what say, Suhail?  Guess that could be my Tamil movie comeback.”




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