Owner of 2 Rottweiler dogs arrested for attack on 5 year old child in Chennai


Chennai Police have registered a case of negligence and have arrested the owner of 2 Rottweiler dogs for attacking a five year old girl at a park in Chennai. This incident took place at a public park in the Thousand Lights area in Chennai.

The police have named two others who look after the dogs as accused in the case. The dogs were let loose in the park and they attacked the little girl. It has been reported that the owner did not intervene but the girl’s parents rushed to save their child and raised an alarm. The girl’s father is employed as a security guard at the park.
The little girl has been identified as Sudaksha and is taking treatment at a private hospital. According to police sources, the dogs have not been sterilised.
In March this year, the Centre had asked all States to ban the sale and breeding of 23 breeds of ferocious dogs including Rottweiler. Those who already had them as pets were asked to sterilise them immediately.


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