Nomadic Cuisines for the deep rooted food lover!


Kochi Kitchen hosts the exotic Bedouin food festival starting from August 3rd!  

Kochi Marriott hotel brings to you a unique culinary ride into the life of desert dwellers of the Arabia and Sahara. The festival is at Kochi Kitchen from 3rd August till 26th August 2018 for dinner from 7 pm till 11 pm. The English word Bedouin comes from the Arabic badawi, which means “desert dweller”. Chef Sherin Jude, Sous Chef of the hotel will spearhead the festival.

Specials like Mansaf, Maqluba, Bedouin Chicken, Bedouin Pizza, Rice pudding, Manakish and more will be featured during the festival. A cooking class is also organized on 17th August by Chef Sherin. Kochi Kitchen will embrace a nomadic décor during the festival. Guests will also have an option to dine the way the nomads dined at a special rate. “This is the first time that Bedouin Cuisine is tried in Kochi and we are sure it will be a unique and interesting concept to try this season” says Chef Sherin. For bookings and for more details on the festival call 8589989043



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