No breakup, only makeup : Bronzer Viji’s


The perfect Valentine’s Day look

She is one of the best makeup artists in Chennai. Bronzer Viji’s makeup style and advice are worth, not bronze but gold.

Text: Abby

What made you become a makeup artist?

Like every woman, I have been passionate about makeup and cosmetics ever since I was a child. But my wedding day was the turning point for me because that was when I chose to become a makeup artist. I had hired a makeup artist for my wedding, who did a horrendous job. My family and friends were shocked to see my look on that day; some could barely recognize me beneath the layers of makeup. They told me that I could have done my own makeup and looked much better on one of the most important days of my life. That is when I thought of turning my passion into a job. I did a few courses and was groomed by some of the best makeup artists in Singapore and Mumbai. By the time I finished the training, I started getting many offers to do bridal makeup.

Why are you known by the name Bronzer Viji?

A decade ago when I came to makeup field, bronzed shimmery look was in trend. Eventually, people gave me this nickname.

What kind of makeup should women wear on Valentine’s Day?

Makeup should make you feel comfortable and look natural. No need to apply layers and layers of makeup. You have to use the right quantity of the right product. Many people mistakenly cover their dark spots and dark circles using a very light shade of foundation. They forget that first they have to correct the spot with a darker shade and only then should they apply a lighter shade on top. Always begin with moisturizer and primer. For oily skin, we have a matte primer because the usual primer is a little too hydrating and works better on a dry or mixed type of skin. The eye makeup can be somewhat shimmery but still subtle. The lip shade should ideally be bright red for Valentine’s. Bold brows are in fashion now so make it thick. Apply a peachy blush and an illuminator on the important parts of the face like brow bone, cheek bone etc. Stay away from false lashes and contouring if you are new to makeup.

What kind of makeup should men go for on Valentine’s Day?

For males, start with moisturizer and matte primer. Apply some professional powder (e.g. from Banana) to set the primer. Then set your brow using a brow gel and apply some lip balm or lip tint, which is very natural. Don’t overdo it or else it’ll look weird.

Which makeup colors are good for people who are of fair, medium and dark complexion?

There is no color that looks good only on a certain type of people and not on others. Even the fair skinned can wear warm shades and even the dark complexioned can try cool shades.

What is “No makeup” which has been trending recently?

Nobody can skip wearing makeup. It has become a ritualistic usage now. We live in a very image-conscious world right now. So, no makeup is just for the namesake, people actually wear full-on makeup, the only difference perhaps is in the number of cosmetics used and the application. For example, the eyeliner used will be very thin and mascara only a single coat, which makes it look like the person is not wearing any makeup from a difference. Brown eyeliners and lighter shades of lipsticks look natural because they merge with the skin color.

What colors of lip shades and eye shadows are in trend right now and why?

The trend now is really subtle colors and pastel colors such as peach, salmon pink, turquoise, off-whites, pearl whites, ivory and gold hues. Matte effect is also in fashion now. In fact, if you look at celebrity stars like Anushka Sharma who recently got hitched, went for a full pale pink look, and even though Deepika Padukone went for brighter shades, she embraced the matte effect in terms of lip shades and eye makeup.

Tell us about a good skin care regime for regular makeup users.

Remove all your makeup at night using a cotton ball or a wet wipe drenched in coconut oil or cleansing milk. Then apply moisturizer. This keeps the skin hydrated and youthful.

What is your advice to people especially youngsters who are addicted to makeup?

Be comfortable in your own skin. Use makeup for yourself and not to please someone else. Use minimal makeup but don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades.



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