Fashion Photography Contest


Models And Photographers Society (MAPS) is a unique collaboration platform for artists who are passionate about the fashion industry. Artists like models, photographers, makeup artists, and costume designers gather, network, collaborate and bring out wonderful arts in the form of fashion photography through MAPS.

MAPS recently organized the 5th edition of the Fashion Photography Contest as a two-day event. More than 40 models participated in the event, which includes International models as well. The Chief Guest for the event was celebrity makeup artist Arthi Balaji, Managing Director of Pearls Beauty Lounge. MAPS first-ever event in India to start a collaboration platform serves as the event core concept for the artists in the fashion industry. The first event was organized in August 2018 by the founders of MAPS Dix and Nobel, after which it has successfully organized 5 events so far and is planning to do many shortly.




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