Man writes the words MERRY CHRISTMAS on the map of London


Anthony Hoyte, a 52 year old cyclist from the UK, used an exercise tracking app to write the words ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ on the streets of London after an epic 127 kms long trip. On earlier occasions, he has drawn FrostyThe Snowman, a reindeer and elephants too while cycling through different routes. He completed the wording after he cycled for 9 hours. He took breaks in between to eat, rest and to check the map as well. Though there were many obstacles and road closures, he managed to find an alternative route.

He had to regularly pause his tracking to navigate the road correctly. He had forgotten that all parks in London were closed due to the pandemic and therefore had to take a lot of diversions. The mapping technology has been used to create the most impressive charting image on the digital map of London. This year many marathon runners, trekkers and pilots have either drawn or spelled out many incredible things on city maps using GPS tracking devices.GPS art is a technique of creating patterns, symbols and designs on a digital map by physically travelling to different locations that come under the same map. Even though many smartphone and tracking device users have tried their hand at artwork, only a few gifted ones have been able to make a mark.



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