Man undergoes surgery to look like a demon


Michael Faro do Prado, a 44 year old man from Brazil has chopped off his nose and has undergone drastic surgical modifications to resemble a demon. It is said that he has been doing these modifications for the past 25 years and is popularly known as the ‘human devil’.
His Instagram account has 59,000 followers and he shared his latest picture on social media where he is seen with elephant -like tusks in his mouth and a few fingers missing from his hands. He had earlier chopped off his nose and got multiple devil horns implanted in his head causing the pictures to go viral.

Michael is the third person in the world to get his nose removed in order to look unique. He is a tattoo artist by profession.
His recent pictures earned mixed reactions on Instagram. While some quizzed him on this abnormality, others complimented him on his new look. They even commented that he looked ”more beautiful than before.”

His wife is cool about her husband’s look. Apparently, she is the one who suggested the body transformation and helped him to go through them.



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