Amethyst Presents Urvashi Kaur’s Latest Collection Vasara


Set against a backdrop of cultural metamorphosis and change, Urvashi explores politically charged themes in her latest collection. Taking a cue from contemporary art and peoples movements in contrast to classic artists such as John Constables’ brilliant depictions of the sky, the designer looks at mismatch and unlikely pairing as the fundamental aspects to be explored. The chosen palette is soothing and unexpectedly serene, speaking of catharsis and transformation. Pale shades of blue ciel, veiled rose, ash grey, and broken whites create a seemingly delicate vision, strengthened by the strong, graphic use of pattern. An amalgamation of stripes over stripes, at places, broken and mismatched set off by inserts of chaotic prints on prints as well as bold placements of varying checks. Hints of sheer textiles add relief with strategic solids bringing pauses within this visually powerful collection.


Classic Urvashi Kaur textures abound, shibori appears on translucent fabrics, while engineered hand blocking adds interest strategically. Tactile, intricate hand pleating lends a soft depth along with fine pintucks and kantha details that tie it all together. The textural wealth of the collection is perfectly showcased on the handwoven textiles that the label is known for; khadi cotton, geometric woven jamdani, sheer noile, and chanderi as well as linens and cotton silks.

Taking forward the brand’s affinity for silhouette play, this collection comes together on strong, structured shapes as well as airy, fluid drapes. Harder pieces like cropped trousers and shirt dresses and jumpsuits are offset by breezy tiered dresses, slip dresses, and sheer crop tops. Many pieces appear androgynous, with boxy structural elements and yet softer femininity appears in places, striking a balance without being overpowering. Given the volatile, grim reality of the world we live in today, this collection delivers a message of liberation, seeking to move forward with its focus on change and renewal.

When: 10th to 20th, of July 2021 | 10.30 am to 7.30 pm

Where: The Amethyst Room, Chamiers Road, Chennai.



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