Man from Jordan flies high from his simulator cockpit at his home


Muhammad Malhas,76 years of age, always had dreams of becoming a pilot. He used to watch birds in the sky and was greatly inspired to fly. He enjoyed kite flying during his childhood days.
He graduated in hospital management from a University in London in 1969 and worked at his family’s Amman Hospital. On the side, he did not let go of his passion to fly and read many books on aviation and aircraft engineering to learn how to fly.

He later joined the Royal Jordanian Air Academy in 1976 to take flying lessons and got his licence to fly after 2 years. He also became a member of the Jordanian Gliding Club and took to the skies every weekend.
He started flying virtually in 2006 after downloading flight software from his computer and joined a global network of flight simulator fans, where they could fly in almost real conditions directed by an air traffic controller.
He has now built a cockpit in his home with scrap and secondhand items. It is a replica of a Boeing 737-800. It took him 3 years and cost around six thousand dinars.He now enjoys flying around the world while sitting at his simulator cockpit at home.



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