Let’s Get Physical – Karan Jethwani


Fitness is the new-age mantra and need of the hour. And what better way to motivate more people to get bitten by this bug than with a colourful spread on those who’ve made fitness and exercise a way of life. RITZ gets candid with a few well known faces from the South, all supremely fit personalities with rippling bodies and oodles of strength.

Karan Jethwani – Businessman and fitness enthusiast – Hyderabad

His business is with jewellery and watches, but his passion lies with fitness. Belonging to one of Hyderabad’s most illustrious families, Karan Jethwani has completed his course in gemmology from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in Mumbai and has also pursued two management courses – in strategic management and international marketing from Harvard University. However, despite the education and business commitments, fitness has, and always will, remain Karan’s first love. And he’s quick to motivate anyone willing to lend him an ear and drive them down the path of working out and staying strong, simply because he’s consumed by the desire to stay fit and make everyone around him a slave to working out!


How fit are you?

Getting better each day.

Your push up record….

To be the best in my eyes.

What’s your favourite fitness mantra?

Weight training… no favourites as such… What I dislike the most is not making it to the gym.

Fitness to you means?

A lifestyle choice. If you don’t smile at yourself when you look at the mirror, then you haven’t made it yet!

At the gym you….

Are the craziest.

You go to the gym to….

Love myself. 

The treadmill is….

For fat people.

Is food your friend or foe?

Friend, of course. People eat to live… I live to eat.

How do you exercise when on vacation?

Join a gym or use the one at the hotel… I live my vacations up in case the gym’s open 24 hours!

What’s your ideal workout?

Whenever I manage to take a natural shower at the gym by sweating … Pun intended!

The secret to your fitness?

A true desire to be the best… Champions are not born with their potential or genes… It’s their desire and their will that gets



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