Let’s Get Physical – Kiran Dembla


Fitness is the new-age mantra and need of the hour. And what better way to motivate more people to get bitten by this bug than with a colourful spread on those who’ve made fitness and exercise a way of life. RITZ gets candid with a few well known faces from the South, all supremely fit personalities with rippling bodies and oodles of strength.

Kiran Dembla – Celebrity fitness trainer – hyderabad

A true example of the saying “impossible is nothing” is fitness trainer Kiran Dembla. She’s been a celebrity trainer for years now but how she got there is a story unlike others. Kiran has a masters’ degree in Indian vocal music and was first a house wife and a mother of two. The urge to do more instead of just sitting at home got to her so much that she started over-thinking and ended up putting on weight. She tried her hand at yoga and swimming but couldn’t continue due to her fear of drowning. A self-motivated lady she decided to conquer her fears and took to swimming once again. Soon, she decided to join the gym where her curiosity grew fast and she finally did a course in fitness and personal training. Kiran went on to train herself and finally opened her own gym. There’s been no looking back since then.


This amazingly motivated lady took it upon herself to get an amazing new body so she could attend the World Body Building Championship and she conquered that too! Kiran Dembla was awarded the 6th place.

How fit are you?

I’m pretty fit. During the season, my biceps are 14.5 inches and off season, they are 13 inches.

Your push up record?


What’s your favourite fitness mantra?

A healthy diet and regular exercise

Fitness to you means…

A part of my lifestyle

At the gym you….

Work out to keep fit.

You go to the gym to….

Do a high intensity workout as well as for strengthening.

The treadmill is….

Simple cardio.

Is food your friend or foe?

Definitely a friend. 

How do you exercise when on vacation?

On vacations, I do body weight workout. It can be done anywhere.

What’s your ideal workout?

Biceps workout.

The secret to your fitness?

Balanced diet, a workout with perfect techniques and a lot of dedication.




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