Krithika Subrahmanian & Kartik Fine Arts presents 16th Natya Darshan


Natya Darshan – New Dimensions December 16th, 17th & 18th, 2016 Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore, Chennai 

Kartik Fine Arts 

Kartik Fine Arts established in the year April 1975 is an organization devoted to the development of fine arts. It aims to promote nascent talent, showcase brilliant performing artistes and maintain its founding dream of building audiences for its unique programming calendar.

Kartik Fine Arts has a membership patronage of more than 1000+ members who are all very well versed with Carnatic Music, Dance and Drama. Kartik Fine Arts stands out for its contribution to the drama, music and Dance from various states.

Natya Darshan – The Dance Conference

The NATYA DARSHAN is an annual dance seminar Kartik Fine Arts holds during the December music and dance festival every year. It was an initiative started in 2001 to broaden the discourse around dance in India and beyond.

Krithika Subrahmanian

Krithika Subrahmanian, convenor Natya Darshan 2016, would like to draw on her training and performance history as a classical dancer, her sense of visual aesthetics and presentations as a designer / architect and her organizational skills as a business person to conduct a conference of high quality.

Trained in the pure lineage of the Tanjavur Bani of Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of Padmasri Dr. Sudharani Raghupathy since the age of seven, Krithika has performed at prominent venues and festivals, solo and group. She continues to produce and perform the widely acclaimed chorographical works NaMaargam, Sri, Shringaram,  Antaram, Swappnam, Black Box, Jagriti and Treasure of Tanjavur as well as traditional Margam.

A renowned architect and designer, Krithika  Subrahmanian, is a reputed entrepreneur heading a group of successful companies Transform, Code, Decode and Sreshta Leisure(Pvt.Ltd), SVATMA,Tanjavur.

A restrained yet eclectic pattern of juxtaposed tradition and modernity has emerged as her unique trademark in design and in concert space that has made her one of the most exciting architects and dancers to watch in India.


·Chennai and its Dance – Music Festival season is a veritable cauldron of creative, classical, cultural activity that attracts artists and audiences from all over the World.

· Retain audience interest for dance, the number of events having the quality of output to achieve parity with other music and other dance forms have to increase. Keep up with the expectation of experiences sought by the younger generation in other types of performance and visual media, dance must re-evaluate from a new perspective.

·Promote the enthusiasm and participation of young artists and audiences has been the primary focus in preparing this concept proposal for Natya Darshan 2016. The event mix at the conference venue must be reinvented to ensure that audience once engaged,  remains interested and performance time attention span is to be synchronized with.

·Involve and enthuse talent, the conference needs to be more communicative and approachable to wider audiences covering age, vocation, gender & artistic inclination. To be re-energised using Social media, intelligent platforms of outreach and there must be instant recall by keeping presentations well edited and succinct. There must be intelligent dialogue between audience and presenter.


·The objective of Natya Dharshan 2016 is to enhance the audience appreciation of dance as an experience and elevate it in their perception as a vibrant and relevant art form.

·Reviving the interaction between dancers and a wider Diaspora will be achieved by exploring topics that are debatable that concern dancers and audiences and ignite minds sensitizing them to other points of view.

·Make Dance more approachable and make the classical art form accessible to youth from other backgrounds.

·Kindle the interest in dance and dance theatre as a real option for intelligent entertainment. This will be achieved by creating platforms for designers, writers, poets, technicians and students in allied areas will enter the fray in events and feel like stakeholders in the revival of interest.



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