Kollywood’s 5 Women-Centric Films of 2019


Cinema is often considered as a male-dominated industry where heroes are worshiped as demigods. There was only a little screen time given to the heroines and are often considered as an entertainment factor. But the industry is now at a changing pace and we could see many women-centric films coming up with the lead actresses of the industry. Here we a list of the best women-centric films that made an impact this year.


The film saw Amala Paul in the lead role who is a free-spirited woman. She is branded a sadist by her friend, and her life takes a twist after a drunk night with her friends and ends up something unimaginable.


Jyothika played a school headmistress who is determined to bring the students and the school to a better state. She encounters many obstacles and finally succeeds in her goal. She acts serious and emotionless character until she is forced to reveal her true nature.


The horror flick Airaa featured Nayanthara as Yamuna a journalist who is daring and wanted to shoot something horrific for her channel. She encounters her look-alike ghost who is on a mission to take revenge for an incident she is unaware of.

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam

Nayanthara played a deaf and mute girl who fights for her life when a killer appears at her door. This mystery film is all about how the girl overcomes the obstacles and saves her life.


Oviya befriends her neighbors (four girls) who are bored with their mundane life and wanted to do something interesting and challenging and encounter a new lease of life.



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