Fourth Annual Whitefield Art Collective


VR Bengaluru launched the fourth edition of their annual art fest, Whitefield Art Collective. Part of a successful roster of pan-Indian, award-winning art shows that include Dumas Art Project (Est. 2013), Punjab Art Initiative (Est. 2017) and Madras Art Guild (Est. 2019) that are supported by Virtuous Retail as part of its connecting communities programme, WAC will reinforce Bengaluru’s position as one of India’s premier art and culture destinations. WAC 2019 is additionally supported by the Yog Foundation.

The opening included the unveiling of The VR Art Car 2019, a work by artist M. Senathipathi, President of Cholamandal Artists’ Village by Pankaj Rhenjen, COO, Virtuous Retail and the renowned artist, T.V. Santosh. This was followed by a fireside chat between Sumi Gupta, Curator of the art fest and T.V Santosh at The Living Room, The Waverly Hotel and Residencies, about ‘The Role of Art in Connecting Communities®’. The highlight of the opening night was an exclusive viewing of works by Bose Krishnamachari, Yusuf Arakkal, Gogi Saroj Pal, Farhad Hussain, Vikash Kalra, Murali Cheeroth, S.G. Vasudev, S Harshavardhana and signed prints by M.F Hussain and Jogen Chowdhury followed by cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the Alt, Rooftop Lounge and Bar.
WAC 2019, a dedicated month of artistic immersion, will turn VR Bengaluru into a hub of artistic activity. An ensemble of over 100 artworks including installations & fine art curated through partnerships with leading institutions and eminent artists will be on display. This year the collective has collaborated with Chitrakala Parishad (Bengaluru), Cholamandal Artists’ Village (Chennai), Government College of Fine Art (Pondicherry), Government College of Fine Art (Kumbakonam), and Government College of Fine Art (Chennai). The month-long programme that goes on till March 21st, will also have art pop ups, a children’s art competition, a Bangalore in Focus online photography contest along with art cinema at Skydeck, featuring “Pollock”, a movie on the life of the artist Jackson Pollock.
Speaking about WAC 2019, Sumi Gupta (Curator) said, “Public art has the power to enhance and transform spaces and our broader living environments. Over the years, the incredible response to the Whitefield Art Collective is a strong reflection of how we have been able to connect with the local community and bring art into people’s everyday life. We are pleased to be back in India’s garden city for the fourth time with our annual showcase.” WAC aligns with Virtuous Retail’s approach that focuses on creating user friendly city centres both through the art of placemaking and through Connecting Communities© through a range of multi-disciplinary events and initiatives. Virtuous Retail has been the presenting partner for WAC since its launch in 2016 and a strong supporter of all art forms. Across its many centers in India, Virtuous Retail houses an impressive collection of permanent installations by renowned artists, including the Jal Tapi (VR Surat) by Padma Shri Paresh Maity, Synergy (VR Bengaluru) by Dimpy Menon, Seeds On The Left Bank Of The River (VR Bengaluru) by Murali Cheeroth, The Bodhisattva (VR Chennai) by Satish Gupta amongst many others. VR Bengaluru hosts WAC as part of its local Connecting Communities© initiative, an ongoing project that aims to encourage civic pride, strengthen the local Whitefield economy and enhance Bengaluru’s image.



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