VST Grandeur presents ‘Building Bridges


VST Grandeur presents ‘Building Bridges’ an exhibition of painting, photography and sculpture by artists Binu Bhaskar, Saju Kunhan and Asma Menon on 22nd February 2019.  Traveling is a voyage of discovery.  Endlessly changing horizons, new experiences, varied cultures, unknown borders, and people in far-away lands with so many perspectives of life present themselves in the blur of the places zooming past our windows on a trip. From geographical to cultural and social differences, travel helps build bridges, connecting humanity and uniting the world we live in. Artists Binu Bhaskar, Saju Kunhan and Asma Menon interpret these experiences in their own art form

The evening saw art lovers from Chennai thoroughly enjoy the exhibition. Artist Asma Menon who was present at the exhibition was seen talking to those present about her artwork and taking pictures with them. With some wine and cheese, this was the perfect way to spend a Friday evening.   



Born in 1983, Saju Kunhan completed his MFA from the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. He has participated in several prestigious shows in many cities across the country. In this series, Saju uses images of automobiles and their parts, especially headlamps, to create myriad worlds. The artist lives and works in Mumbai.


Asma Menon completed her MFA from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. She has held several solo and group exhibitions in India and internationally. Her works can be found in several important office buildings across the country. For this show, she is making an installation called Kodam and the ElixirWater is an issue that is being discussed in many forums. Or rather, the growing “lack of water”. In a country like India, the states that have dams and abundant water resources, hold control to the distribution of this Elixir to neighboring states.E very year, it’s the same story of drought or floods

The one thing that Is available to all and bridges the needs and wants, is the vessel that carries water. The KODAM.  This installation reflects the need to bring and erase all boundaries, thus creating a “national water highway.”The artist lives and works in Chennai.


Binu Bhaskar is an acclaimed photographer, artist, and filmmaker. He has shown internationally, his recent exhibitions being held at Mojo Gallery, Dubai, Melbourne, Paris and the Christie’s auction in the USA. His debut film as a director, titled ‘Kottayam’, was selected for the Montreal Film Festival and the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) 2018. His works in this show portray landscapes that make a subtle statement about the environment and vanishing habitats.



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