‘Feelings can’t be a taboo. Then why is sexuality?’


Culture Machine’s digital channel for women, Blush, has released a bold new video featuring Aarifa Bhinderwala’s journey as a pole dancer and how she is using the dance form to overcome depression and body issues. In our country, pole dancing is considered loathsome and women expressing their sexuality have always been frowned upon. In this latest video titled ‘Blush Originals with Aarifa’, Culture Machine has attempted to stray away from the notions related to the dance form by bringing to light Aarifa’s personal battle with pre-menstrual depression and how the dance form empowered her. The video beautifully encapsulates a woman’s relationship with her body and what a powerful tool it can be to express oneself. Aarifa moves with absolute grace and oozes sensuality as she recounts her serendipitous encounter with the dance form and her voyage with it.


Coming from what is viewed as a traditional sub-culture, Aarifa belongs to a Bohri Muslim family in Mumbai, who also teaches pole dancing professionally now and is seen dancing with some of her students in the video. Aarifa encourages women to shed insecurities they have about their bodies, embrace their sexuality by doing away with the taboo associated with stripping, especially when for oneself. Pole dancing also helps to increase the body’s core strength. This video underlines the importance of feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.


Speaking about the video, Blush channel released in a statement, “Women in our country have always been taught to supress their sexuality from a young age and are branded with names when they do so. It was very refreshing for us to come across Aarifa and her family’s journey with pole dancing and we are glad to be able to bring it to light through this video. We hope that it encourages women to express themselves in whatever way they desire and not be bogged down by dogma.”

Adding on, Aarifa Bhinderwala said, “I struck some of the sharpest chords on the journey of this video. I felt fulfilled in more ways than one. The Blush team got together like a dream.”

Having always brought out the most unusually empowering stories of women, Blush Originals has taken it a notch higher with this video. Watching Aarifa follow her passion will ignite the fire within you to push the envelope of your desires. If you haven’t watched the video yet, tune in to Blush soon!



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