Forplay Presents ‘The Lover’ by Harold Pinter !


Forplay Theatre Company Presents Harold Pinter’s Celebrated Work ‘The Lover’

Forplay Theatre Company is a collective of artists, actors, writers and technicians, who develop films, produce documentaries, perform theatre shows and create Audio / Visual / Multimedia art installationsForplay believes that creative expression is capable of connecting people from different backgrounds. The group works under their own banner, providing expert solutions to commissioned projects, and are keen to share their space and collaborate with fellow creatives.


“With an intimate setting at our disposal, we are passionate about making good theatre accessible to all.  We plan to bring both well-known and original pieces of dramatic writing — from English, Malayalam and other languages — to life, and hope to nurture a theatre-going culture in Kochi. Our theatre company is all set to perform its first production – Harold Pinter’s The Lover — directed by Sanal Aman” explains the Forplay team. The play will open on the 25th of November, and will be staged every day until the 30th, from 7.30 -8.30 pm at our performance space on 8th Cross Road, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi.

About the play : The Lover – by Harold Pinter – “Written in 1962, The Lover – a Play in One Act, is one of Harold Pinter’s most celebrated works. The Nobel Laureate dramatises the dynamics of domesticity and desire in this tightly woven play featuring a married couple — Sarah and Richard. The play opens with Richard casually enquiring about his wife’s lover, and so begins a seductive game marked by wit, imagination, and intrigue. Staged in its original and translated versions all over the world, some have treated The Lover as a serious psychological drama exploring the tug of war between love and lust, and pride and passion; while others have played up the absurd elements in the script to great comic effect. Richard and Sarah’s relationship is one underpinned by a complex web of emotions that come to the fore in their calculated attempt to spice up their longstanding marriage (if indeed there is one). As the play progresses, masks are incessantly worn, discarded, and re-calibrated, leaving the viewer pondering the boundaries between fact and fiction. This blurring of lines is the key to the enduring relevance and popularity of a play that was well ahead of its time,” explains the team. The CAST includes Richard: Sanal Aman, Sarah: Santhy Balachandran, The Milkman: Anand Iyer.

The tickets are priced at Rs. 400, and can be purchased at Big Fat Momo, The Soup Shop, Donut Factory and The Grill Lab. Tickets will also soon be available via Book My Show.

For more details, please contact: +91 9895104765



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