FAIFA Demand Action Against Unfriendly Cash Crop Policies


Federation of All India Farmer Associations(FAIFA) Demand Action Against Unfriendly Cash Crop Policies to Safeguard Farmer Livelihoods


Representatives of Federation of All India Farmer Associations (FAIFA), a body of farmers associations from South, West and North India engaged in cultivation of cash crops, today congregated in Delhi to demand immediate Government intervention and action against lopsided tobacco control policies blinded by anti-farmer activists and urged an immediate correction.

This is in the wake of extreme self created stress which has been caused to farmers engaged in tobacco cultivation besides the adverse climatic debacle which crops like cotton are witnessing.


Tobacco is a specific case in point as it is immune from climatic variations, still a number of farmers have committed suicides in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, something which never happened before.


FAIFA members have already met Ministers Commerce, Agriculture and Labour to demand immediate correction in unfriendly policies, and are planning delegations to Ministers of Finance, Health and finally the Prime Minister.



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