Dwayne Johnson goes gaga over pancakes


Dwayne Johnson known as “The Rock” is a famous wrestler and actor as well. He is one of the fittest personalities who inspires people to embrace a healthy lifestyle.
However, he too has his cheat days. He recently posted a glimpse of his cheat meal – Delicious pancakes that had coconut, banana and lemon and looked mouth watering. He said that the pancakes were insanely delicious and worth recommending.

Dwayne may be a fitness fanatic but he is a foodie too.He posts recipes on Instagram and keeps his fans updated with his gastronomic adventures.
He earlier shared a video of him eating brown rice mixed with steak and egg whites and topped with blueberries. He had brown rice oatmeal too. Usually people eat oatmeal with a spoon, but Dwayne made it watery so that he could just drink it.



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