Chocolate sculpture created as a tribute to Odisha CM on his 75th birthday


Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik celebrated his 75th birthday on Saturday. As a tribute to him, pastry chef Rakesh Kumar Sahu from Begunia of Khordia created a spectacular sculpture using chocolate. The sculpture weighed 72 kgs and took 15 days to complete.

Sahu runs an Institute of baking and pastry art at TankaPani Road and he enlisted the help of his students to complete the sculpture. The team faced a lot of obstacles while creating the sculpture and spent sleepless nights for more than two weeks due to temperature variation and changes in moisture levels.

Their hard work paid off as the sculpture came out exactly as they wanted it to. It was unveiled by the State’s Sports Minister Tusharkanti Behera in Kalinga Hockey Stadium on the CM’s birthday. The chocolate used to prepare the sculpture will be distributed to disadvantaged children in the adjoining areas after the completion of the exhibition period.



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