Dressed In Your Boyfriend’s Clothes? – Bengaluru


If you haven’t yet, then now’s the time to try. Raid his wardrobe for sports jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, dress shirts, vests, belts and jackets and give yourself a make-over this month. What do you know…. you might just find it’s a huge turn on for him!

Nilu Yuleena Thapa – Style Blogger

How would you plan a look from your boyfriend’s wardrobe?

When we girl tries to wear something from her boyfriend’s wardrobe, she must first be aware of her body structure. I like to mix a couple of manly garments with something from my wardrobe that has a distinct feminine touch to it. The key is to know your body type. I am very short – just 5 feet 1 inch, so if I were to wear something very loose I would look more tiny and rotund. That’s why it is important to keep your shape in mind while planning the look.

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If you were to steal a garment from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, it would be….

His sweatshirt! I like wearing baggy sweatshirts, they’re so comfortable. I personally like the design of a man’s sweatshirt. It has a more a useful feel to it.

What’s your personal style?

Very chic. I like well-tailored pieces and prefer clothing that fits well. Midi skirts are my favourite, as also styles with pleats and ruffles. Feminine, chic and classy is my style.



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