Anoushka Reddy – Hyderabad


Anoushka Reddy – Artist

How would you plan a look from your boyfriend’s wardrobe?

I’d probably go for his loose shirts with a tank top inside and roll up the sleeves with a pair of leggings and a pair of pumps. Accessorise it with some earrings, a sling bag and aviators. Maybe a ring too!

If you were to steal a garment from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, what would it be?

It will have to be his shirts, jerseys and hoodies, since he’s 6’5” and nothing else will fit me!

sk_0014 (Copy)

What’s your personal style?

As much as I love my heels and dressing up, there’s nothing I love more than chilling in a pair of Converse sneakers and shorts with a loose shirt. Apart from that I’m not really brand conscious. As long as the style is comfy and looks good, the label doesn’t bother me. I basically like being comfy but that doesn’t mean comfy is boring and plain. You can always style up something simple and change the whole look of it.



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