Brimming With Life – Coimbatore


Coimbatore is a city of splendid contradictions – meet some of its fashion forward, yet socially conscious residents who dress up for RITZ to showcase the unique diversity of this beautiful city.

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ShriVyshnavi Annush – Founder & Director

A software engineer with a flair for fashion and design, she turned her passion into her profession and that is how was born. “I curate and retail fashion accessories from different designers across India and I also design a limited edition private label collection of accessories,” she tells. Her husband is her most avid supporter and she’s also the proud mother of two girls aged 11 and 9.

How would you describe yourself ?

A contradiction!

That one Einstein Moment in life?

Gratitude changes my perspective towards many things and brings happiness!

Your fashion sense

I would describe myself in two words – A Fashion Chameleon!  I dress and accessorise depending on my mood. I always have something edgy about my style. It’s one of my ways to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Your future plans?

Deep sea diving. I have an irrational fear of the ocean and I want to beat that!

What drives you?

The goal to reach my full potential.

Your life’s mantra?

Do your best and God will do the rest. It does sound very cliched but it works.

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Anvar Jay Varadaraj – Entrepreneur

He recently moved to Coimbatore after spending ten years studying and working in the USA.  “While I miss my life in the USA, I am thoroughly enjoying my new personal and professional chapters in Coimbatore. The city is ideal for me to engage my various interests in work and play.  When I am not helping at ELGI, Rajshree Ford, or Ultra, I am catching up with a slew of friends and family over golf, a run, or a motorcycle ride. I feel grateful to live in this city and am excited to create new memories,” he says.

How would you describe yourself?


That one Einstein moment?

Motorcycles are more fun than cars. Learned this recently when I rode my motorcycle on the racetrack.

Describe your fashion sense.

Fit is key.

One plan for the future you want to highlight?

Complete a triathlon.

What drives you?

Watching someone grow

(personally or professionally)

You mantra for life?

Experiences are priceless

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Aishwarya Rao – Academician & Administrator

The director of academics and administration of Vivekalaya Group of Institutions, she holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Nottingham. She has recently ventured into the field of education after three years of heading a company dealing in textile export and hosiery manufacture. Fashion and education are both avenues and enterprises that are close to her heart and she intends on exploring new horizons and developing vested interests in both fields.

How would you describe yourself?

A vivacious spirit with a passion for life.

That one Einstein moment?

I remember the day we decided to start our new school. Waking up that morning we realised we needed a better system, a better learning environment, a reason to come to school. It was a fire that had been lit that has been burning since that day.

Describe your fashion sense.

Confident, bold and chic; one that lets the spirit find expression through the body.

One plan for the future you want to highlight.

Everyday there is something new to build on, to work with and with it comes hope – an element that keeps us all striving to creates worlds that we would like to live in.

What drives you?

I am driven by passion.

You mantra for life?

Follow your bliss!



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