Curtain Call: Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation


Theatre is alive and booming; it is an art form that has gone through several stages of development and consolidation. Whoever disagrees has not witnessed the incredibly talented theatre groups revitalizing the scene in Hyderabad. Audiences, actors, curtains, an open stage and bright lights are just some of the aspects that continue to make the world of theatre as vibrant and compelling as it is. These renowned theatre groups boast not just of ardent theatre lovers and artistes, but those balancing their professional lives and passion for theatre at the same time. Clearly, there is no dearth of talent as more people are leaving the comforts of their lucrative job and opting for a full time career in theatre. Read on to know more about some of them…

Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation

Established in: 2005 as a tribute to Hindustani theatre great late Qadir Ali Baig by Begum Razia Baig and Mohammad Ali Baig

Languages: English, Urdu and Telugu

What was the encouragement you received/ hurdles you faced?

No big journey is free of hurdles. The encouragement came in from every quarter; the state, corporate sector, media and the 350 plus loyal audience which we inherited from late Qadir Ali Baig sahab that we gradually  turned  into 1500 strong audience attendance at our shows. This speaks of the concerted effort that was needed to revive theatre to bring back audiences who were starved of quality theatre in town.

Theatre vs recorded entertainment- your take?

It’s like asking the importance of home-made Dum ki Biryani when you can order pizza home on your app to serve your valued guests.

What kind of plays/themes attracts today’s audience?

Audiences across the country are growing tired of the same works of a few playwrights over and over. They would like to see fresh content and up to date technical and techniques onstage.

Best way to pull the audience from highly addictive home entertainment?

As mentioned above, there is no comparison. People who like to watch theatre will continue watching it, irrespective of conveniences and trappings of modern technology and media.

What are the changes you noticed in audience profile?

Today’s audience is more exposed to world theatre and in Hyderabad, years of the annual Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival has exposed them to the best of world theatre right here…from watching some of the most internationally-respected actors to both classical and contemporary content, to design and stagecraft.

Address: ‘Sahara’, 12-2-43, Muradnagar, Hyderabad – 5000028

Facebook: Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation



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