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Theatre is alive and booming; it is an art form that has gone through several stages of development and consolidation. Whoever disagrees has not witnessed the incredibly talented theatre groups revitalizing the scene in Hyderabad. Audiences, actors, curtains, an open stage and bright lights are just some of the aspects that continue to make the world of theatre as vibrant and compelling as it is. These renowned theatre groups boast not just of ardent theatre lovers and artistes, but those balancing their professional lives and passion for theatre at the same time. Clearly, there is no dearth of talent as more people are leaving the comforts of their lucrative job and opting for a full time career in theatre. Read on to know more about some of them…


Established in: 2009 by Feroze Ahmed with a bunch of close friends

Languages: English and Hindi

Why was Sifar born?

With the want to entertain audience with quality productions.

What was the encouragement you received/ hurdles you faced?

It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. We received a lot of encouragement from all quarters – the audience as well as the press. So it was actually a good start. The only hurdle we faced was finding an ideal space to stage the theatre productions.

Theatre vs recorded entertainment- your take?

In times like now, everyone is looking for alternatives from TV soaps and same old movies. Theatre was and has always been relevant, and it will always be as it is live. It is happening right there and that brings a connect; a connect in a performance and spectator in a live theatre show cannot be matched by any other form.

What kind of plays/themes attracts today’s audience?

Today’s audience is rather an arbitrary term. If you meant youngsters, then they want something new, something edgy. The fact that they are exposed to the world and more connected there is more expectation for quality productions.

Best way to pull the audience from highly addictive home entertainment?

Theatre is a totally different experience. And, if the production is giving them that experience and is worth watching, then the audience would come on even weekdays, lazy Sunday mornings. We had this show a couple of years ago which saw audience sit in an open space through a heavy rain and watch the play.

What are the changes you noticed in audience profile?

In Hyderabad, the audiences keep changing. In every show, we encounter at least 30 per cent new audience. But, as most of our plays are in Hindi, a big chunk is from software and other corporates.

Address: Opp. Motherhood Hospital, Rd Number 12, Ministers Colony, Anand Banjara Colony, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Call: +91 98493 31347



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