Curtain Call: Dramatic Circle Hyderabad


Theatre is alive and booming; it is an art form that has gone through several stages of development and consolidation. Whoever disagrees has not witnessed the incredibly talented theatre groups revitalizing the scene in Hyderabad. Audiences, actors, curtains, an open stage and bright lights are just some of the aspects that continue to make the world of theatre as vibrant and compelling as it is. These renowned theatre groups boast not just of ardent theatre lovers and artistes, but those balancing their professional lives and passion for theatre at the same time. Clearly, there is no dearth of talent as more people are leaving the comforts of their lucrative job and opting for a full time career in theatre. Read on to know more about some of them…

Dramatic Circle Hyderabad

Established in: 1964 by (the Late) Basheer Babukhan, N Ramesh Reddy, Yezdar Kaoosji and Jim Bjorkman

Languages: Only English

What do you need to form a theatre group?

Primarily you only need motivation – lots of it!

Theatre vs recorded entertainment- your take?

Theatre is a different ‘Live’ art, and will continue to flourish independent of growth of the digital media because of the direct ‘Live Vibe’ with the audience. It’s similar to watching a live music concert or cricket match vs watching it on TV or YouTube.

What kind of plays/themes attracts today’s audience?

Comedies continue to be the most popular genre (and the highest revenue earner). That is why a high percentage of productions are comedy.

Best way to pull the audience from highly addictive home entertainment?

Produce better plays! Of course, good media coverage helps. Social media is now also a very powerful tool.

What are the changes you noticed in audience profile?

Thirty years ago, the audiences for English Theatre in Hyderabad was fairly limited – and for ‘serious’ plays even smaller. With the increase in overall audience numbers, and the number of Theatre Groups, we now have audiences which are increasingly knowledgeable, critical and appreciative of the Technique and the Art, and for all genres.

Address: Dramatic Circle Hyderabad c/o Pranava Singhal, Axis Diesel International 16,Sindhi Colony, Secunderabad-500003,

Call:  040 27847987 / E-mail : / Facebook : Dch Hyderabad



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