Born Colourless


Absolut Art Bar in association with the graphic artist and designer Prateek Vatash brought to Bengaluru an extension of Absolut’s recently launched campaign ‘Born Colourless’ – a world where we look past and beyond differences- colour, religion, caste, belief and orientation. The artist Vatash’s work primarily uses a blend of 3D and 2D media, and neon tones, to evoke moods and hints of nostalgia. Inspired by his multiple interests in the fields of typography, architecture, interior design, and the occult, his work has been exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, and multiple Indian cities. Artist Prateek Vatash shares his insights on his creation, the concept ‘Absolut Utopia’, and his collaboration with Absolut.

Tell us about your collaboration with Absolut?
I collaborated with Absolut for Art Bar Bangalore, with the theme of Utopia, which speaks about a colourless perfect world. A world without bias, judgement and coloured opinions is a colourful one, and that is what I aimed to create with the artwork using colourless and reflective medium, along with vibrant colourful artwork. The idea was to create an interpretation of Absolut’s recently launched campaign ‘Born Colourless’, which epitomizes a world in which we look past differences in colour, religion, caste, belief and orientation.

How would you define your style of art?
My style of work takes elements from the retro wave/synthwave movement of the 80s & 90s, along with modern graphic art and design. I enjoy working with, and illustrating imaginary spaces that evoke feelings of nostalgia and happiness, in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi.

What inspires and motivates you?
I am constantly inspired by the work of many other artists around the world, especially in the zone of illustration, fine art and graphic art. Collaborations with others have been a great way to learn from them and vice versa. With my own work, I keep trying to push boundaries with regards to the things that I have done, and what I can do ahead. The challenge in that is very motivating.

How did this artistic journey begin?
I studied Art & Design, and always had an inclination towards finding new modes of expression. Illustration allowed me to do that, and it’s been a great journey so far. It has endless possibilities of what can be done and achieved, which is also the most exciting part. Over the years, I spent time experimenting and developing styles that work best for me and resonate with who I am.

What have been your highpoints so far and what are your plans ahead?
I have had the opportunity to work on some really amazing projects in the past, the latest one being the collaboration for Art Bar. I plan to continue making art, since I absolutely love doing that. I also wish to explore further into what I can do with it, and how to use that as a medium to make an impact.



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