Best places to take your mom out on Mother’s Day


There’s nothing cuter than treating your mother with a lavish brunch spread! Mother’s day is 2 days away and if you haven’t figured out a place to take her and get her pampered, you need not worry. Just pick up the phone and make a reservation at one of these hotels. After all, she deserves to be treated like a queen even more on this day. Right?! 😉 Exactly, so here are three place to take your mother out this Mother’s Day.


Novotel, Hyderabad

Treat your mother to the most exquisite brunch in town, just like she deserves!

The Square, 12 to 15:30 pm.

Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Raise a toast to the most important person in your life by dedicating a day to her presence. A special brunch for special women to savour home-style Italian delicacies, a collection of premium wines and spirits and signature desserts while live music sets the mood.

Tre-Froni Bar & Restaurant, 12 noon onwards.

Trident Hotels 

A brunch with a special cocktail (for moms only) + nail art + baking cookies for your mother + the chef’s mothers’ recipe. These are the ingredients to a fun afternoon of pampering your mother.

Amara, 12 noon to 33 pm.




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