The Best Kollywood Films Of 2019


2019 saw some beautiful films from the Tamil film industry, which deserve their due recognition. We’re nearing the end of the year now and there have been some quality films, both popular and experimental and less-explored genres the year had to offer. Here are the best Tamil movies of 2019.

Super Deluxe

Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s neo-noir is an exemplary work of art. The best thing about this movie is its unpredictability and shock value. But then again, the twists weren’t created purely for shock value. There are meanings and purposes behind them. The film takes simple everyday life stories and escalates them to an all-new level. The capacity for creativity and the potential for imagination required to pull off something like this is what separates Super Deluxe from the ordinary. 

To Let

ToLet has been shot beautifully and shot to showcase the realities and sorrows of those who suffer silently — the common people who are living within a false sense of security. ToLet nails its point home as it takes you on a journey with a stranded family who are desperately looking for a place to live after being evicted from their house. The premise is simple yet it is made engaging with the help of some wonderful performances and remarkable direction.


The plot revolves around a murder for which two lookalikes are suspected and both of them could have been equally guilty or equally innocent. There are not many clues that the movie gives us initially but the final reveals are quite satisfactory

Game Over

Game Over comes out on top of every aspect as a complete and utterly brilliant film. It deals with the psychological condition of the “anniversary reaction” triggered by post-traumatic stress disorder. Game Over keeps you on the edge with its twists and turns and never lets you go once it holds you hostage with its mystique and suspense. It’s nothing short of a genius creative attempt to redefine thrillers and cinema as a whole.

Sarvam Thaala Mayam

Sarvam Thaala Mayam is a beautifully realized musical about dreams and passion. A young movie fanatic is the son of a skilled mridangam craftsman. He is sent to deliver the instrument to a famous mridangam player, Vembu Iyer. The musician intrigues him to such an extent that he decides to become a musician himself. 


Monster is a crazy, whacky comedy movie that has its own culturally appropriate additions which make it more palatable for Indian audiences. The premise is simple. It’s the storytelling that rules here. A man wants to get rid of a rat that is infesting his house. He fails despite repeated attempts.

Kanne Kalaimaane

With its down-to-earth, rooted and rustic cinematographic style, Kanne Kalaimaane was able to capture my interest from the get-go. Centered around an innocent romance, this movie wonderfully translates the simple yet struggle-ridden lives of the village-folk onto the silver screen. It may not be anything special or innovative but it is quite sincere in its portrayals. One may call it an above-average rural drama with great characters owing to the amazing acting chops of both the leads. Kanne Kalaimaane is definitely worth a watch.


Petta is complete fan service and the screen presence of the superstar is nothing to be scoffed at. He completely owns the show with his explosive style and classic Rajini swag. The interconnected and complicated plotlines are icing on the cake. The performances by the other actors are also quite amazing. The action is breathtaking.


Ayogya is about a corrupt cop turning good, not because of some pointless plot but because of a very well-designed and valid chain of events which leads to a very able character development and plotline for our protagonist. The ultimate self-sacrifice stands as a testimony to how seriously the movie is taking itself and in turn the social evil that it is representing on screen.


The plot is complex, compelling and contemporary. Airaa is an artistically beautiful, well-shot horror flick and the acting is praiseworthy and never falls into the trap of over-emphasizing the emotion of fear. The film has its moments with some plot twists and reveals. Airaa sends out a message of dwindling moral values among humans and how it affects society as a whole.



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