Special arrangements for a safe New Year

The city police have made elaborate security arrangements to ensure a safe New Year. About 15,000/ police personnel will be on bandobust duty. All hotels and resorts have been instructed  to monitor guests as they enter the premises and any suspicious activity should be reported to the police. Flyovers will be closed for traffic ahead of the celebrations and steps will be taken to prevent the youth from having motorcycle races. Drunken drivers will be booked and their licences will be cancelled.  All terrain vehicles will be deployed on the beaches of Marina, Santhome, Elliot’s and Neelankarai. Drone cameras will be used to monitor areas where crowds gather. Mobile surveillance teams will be employed to prevent crimes against women. In addition to all these safety measures, 25 road safety groups will move around on two wheelers creating awareness about road safety. Special bandobust arrangements will be made near temples, churches and other places of worship.


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