Bakers bake Covid cakes


Bakers are competing with each other to create new trends and one among them is Covid cakes or corona cakes. They are also turning their attention to vaccinations and are trying to create treats with a Covid vaccine twist. In fact Covid themes have become such a rage that home bakers started making vaccine themed cakes and desserts for birthdays and other events.

Some of them are extremely creative and colourful too and these creative baked goodies are doing the rounds on social media sites like Instagram.
Bakers in Mumbai have been using the virus as a motif while a famous sweet-meat shop in Kolkata has included a ‘Corona’ Sandesh and a ‘Corona’ cake to their menu.
A bakery in San Francisco has gone a step further and is offering ‘Just Vaccinated’ desserts in a bid to encourage residents to get vaccinated.
A bakery in Germany baked vaccine cakes shaped like large syringes with the words ‘2021 Bye-Bye Corona’ inscribed on them.
Yet another bakery in Mexico baked a cake in the shape of a vaccine bottle.



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