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So you love to bake. Who doesn’t like the whiff of freshly baked aromas emanating out of the kitchens. There’s a lot that one can say through food. Baking is an art, a passion, a metaphor for life. And if you’re the one who can bake like a pro and also blog actively alongside, then only sky’s the limit for you. Meet some of Bengaluru’s baker bloggers whose baking blogs will inspire you to move beyond picking up ready-to-eat, boxed bakes that throng the stores.

Text: Namita Gupta

Name: SaiPriya

Blog name: My Cooking Canvas

Balancing the act of baking and blogging: Being born and brought up in a culture where the choice of food was limited I never got the exposure to try any different cuisine apart from Odiya or Bengali. I discovered my interest about cooking and learning new cuisines after moving to Bengaluru soon after my Engineering. I started baking alongside my full-time telecom job. Soon I realised I should start a blog sharing my food stories. I quit my full-time job and started working as a freelancer in different fields like food photography and food consulting and was actively sharing food stories on my blog. I also started taking Food Photography and Styling workshops.

Specialties: I love millet cakes. Also I bake for people who have specific diet restrictions. I am not against of adapting to the new food and baking culture.

Doing it differently: I believe in understanding the science of cooking. While baking, the right temperature matters. Anything that you eat should have balanced flavours.

Baking trends: On social media the food pictures talk, so I’m very focused on food photography and styling. Those who are new to blogging should always keep in mind that the food pics should tempt others to try the recipe. After all you eat with your eyes first.

Flourishing and how: There are you tube videos and Facebook groups where people can learn by themselves. Cakes are not limited to only Birthday celebrations. Now people want a cake for every occasion, be it baby shower, promotion party and all the artistic cakes add to the charm of the event.



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