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So you love to bake. Who doesn’t like the whiff of freshly baked aromas emanating out of the kitchens. There’s a lot that one can say through food. Baking is an art, a passion, a metaphor for life. And if you’re the one who can bake like a pro and also blog actively alongside, then only sky’s the limit for you. Meet some of Bengaluru’s baker bloggers whose baking blogs will inspire you to move beyond picking up ready-to-eat, boxed bakes that throng the stores.

Text: Namita Gupta

Name: Simran Oberoi Multani

Blog name: Ovenderful Healthy Baking

Balancing the act of baking and blogging: I work as a freelance consultant in HR and Diversity. I juggle between blogging, running my community, working on Ovenderful as a social enterprise, fundraising and managing my children. I started my dream venture called Ovenderful which was a baking blog only, and now is a social enterprise and niche e-bakery that specialises in healthy and organic bakes. It is also synonymous with a healthy baking community of over 20,000 members on Facebook called the Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community (OMBC), started in November 2014 with the intent to share knowledge on healthy baking on a regular basis. The entire community was built on word of mouth recommendations and the value people find in the group. This community has been recognised multiple times.

Specialties: All my healthy bakes.

Doing it differently: I am different because I do not work only as a business venture. I am a social entrepreneur and a community leader. None of the others do this kind of work or building awareness about emerging areas like healthy baking to the extent that I do. My belief is that it is more important to be compassionate, than competitive or competent.

Baking trends: Healthy Baking – using alternative flours, Bread Baking is catching up in India, Using indigenous things like millets, jaggery in something as Western as baking, Baking to raise funds and special diet baking like gluten free, vegan, paleo and so on. Flourishing and how: Baking blogging is growing fast and in all directions! So it is not only growing in size and at a fast pace, it is growing in depth and diversity of the kind of baking that is now happening. So the business is becoming more complex but better since home bakers are able to provide more variety to the end users.



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