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So you love to bake. Who doesn’t like the whiff of freshly baked aromas emanating out of the kitchens. There’s a lot that one can say through food. Baking is an art, a passion, a metaphor for life. And if you’re the one who can bake like a pro and also blog actively alongside, then only sky’s the limit for you. Meet some of Bengaluru’s baker bloggers whose baking blogs will inspire you to move beyond picking up ready-to-eat, boxed bakes that throng the stores.

Text: Namita Gupta

Name: Megha Deokule

Blog name: Acefoodie, i2cook,

Balancing the act of baking and blogging: I’m the founder for “i2cook”, a consulting firm and one stop solutions to all cafes and restaurants and I also run a homestay in Coorg. When I don’t have time to update my blog I microblog through Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with my readers. I’ve studied architecture and worked for reputed firms in Bengaluru and Mumbai. Food was my true calling and I decided to switch roles.

Specialties: I’m a self taught chef and have created my own style of cooking and baking as I’m passionate about food as a subject. I specialise in baking and cooking with unrefined ingredients like wheat flour, millet flours, different types of unrefined sugars and coconut oil. I have also consulted for projects ranging from retail to cafes, creating gluten-free cakes and cookies.

Doing it differently: I have never compared my blog to other blogs, as passion can only be collaborative and not compared. I’m passionate about cooking not only healthy but tasty food. My mantra is healthy food can be tasty too!

Baking trends: India is a plethora of wide range of food since Vedic times but with time there have been newer ingredients. Lotus roots were a delicacy since Aryan times and honey is one of the earliest sweetener. Our food palette is changing and we are using local ingredients like wheat flour and free range Indian eggs for pasta instead of refined flour like maida for an Italian twist. Substituting unrefined ingredients for baking like whole wheat flour, millet flours or cane sugar instead of white or castor sugar results in delicious and healthy bakes. Eating local and seasonal fruits/vegetables results in wider variety of foods in your diet. My top 5 baking trends for baking are Gluten free baking, Healthy bakes, made with unrefined flour and sugar, Innovative flavour innovation, Fusion bakes and Use of local ingredients.



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