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So you love to bake. Who doesn’t like the whiff of freshly baked aromas emanating out of the kitchens. There’s a lot that one can say through food. Baking is an art, a passion, a metaphor for life. And if you’re the one who can bake like a pro and also blog actively alongside, then only sky’s the limit for you. Meet some of Bengaluru’s baker bloggers whose baking blogs will inspire you to move beyond picking up ready-to-eat, boxed bakes that throng the stores.

Text: Namita Gupta

Blog Name: Flavor Flame Fusion

Name: Jyothi Varne

Balancing the act of baking and blogging: I work as a Human Resource professional in a leading IT firm. I come from a family whose always loved food and believed in cooking up a homely meal with loads of love. My blogging is an extension of this passion paired with photography. I normally bake on weekends, since that’s when I’m free and would love to pamper my sweet tooth.

Specialties: I mostly bake for my close friends, colleagues and family who love binging on my cakes and cookies. Oran one who  prefers to indulge in homemade baked goodies, both savory and sweet.

Doing it differently: All my bakes are chemical and preservative free, considering these are made to order and I have a limited menu. So I guess the freshness, quality of ingredients used and right pricing goes a long way in keeping my customers happy.

Baking trends: Fondant cakes, Naughty or theme based cakes, Gluten free bakes and millet or whole wheat based organic flours instead of refined wheat flour.

Flourishing and how: I think a lot of people realise these days that commercially made food products are not only unhealthy but also not worth the buck. A sourdough bread with nuts and seeds is any day better than the normal sandwich breads I’m the grocery store.



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