Assam Government to give girls Rs 100 per day as an incentive to attend school


The government of Assam will soon give financial incentives to school and college students as a motivation to make them attend classes regularly. State Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that girl students would be given Rs 100 every day they attend school. He announced that the government would deposit a sum of Rs 1,500/ for undergraduate students and Rs 2000/ for postgraduate students in their bank accounts by the end of this month so that they can purchase books. According to the Minister, this move was planned last year itself but could not be implemented immediately as Covid 19 pandemic struck at that time.

A function was organised in Sivasagar and scooters were presented to girl students who passed the State Board Class 12 exams in the first grade. So far 948 girls received scooters. The government will have to spend a sum of Rs 144.30 crores to purchase scooters for the 22,245 girls who secured first division in 2020.  He said that the scheme would continue even if one lakh girl students secure first division in the class 12 exams. The  Minister wanted girls to get the same care that boys get in their families and he wanted the mindset of parents to change. Most of them get their daughters married off early and think that their sons will support them during their old age.


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