Arputhammal meets Amit Shah


This mother has been running from pillar to post seeking the release of her son Periavalan who has been in prison for 28 years in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. In spite of her old age of 71 years, she has left no stone unturned and has been waging a legal battle for the past two decades.

Her latest effort has been to meet Amit Shah the current Home Minister to get her son released. She pleaded with him with folded hands and tears in her eyes. She was accompanied by VKC President Thol Thirumalavan  who is also the MP for Chidambaram. The Home Minister promised to do the needful after consulting the relevant people. A mercy petition for the release of Periavalan is pending with the Governor. A copy of the mercy petition was handed over to Amit Shah. The petition is pending for the past 11 months without any action being taken. Arputhammal pleads that her son is innocent.



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