Prawolion Eventz launch at Radio Room, Chennai

Prawolion Eventz Chennai’s newest event management company founded by Prabhakaran PC was launched on 28th July 2019. The launch party saw Chennai’s biggest faces and socialites grace the occasion and congratulate Prabhakaran on the launch.
The launch of Prawolion Eventz also coincided with the announcement of the Chennai’s largest fashion event- Chennai Fashion Week by ace Fashion Choreographers Karun Raman and sameer Khan for Cfw which rights have been taken by Mr.Prabhakaran PC. Chennai Fashion Week brings together leading fashion designers and models across India under one roof providing a dynamic platform of learning to the aspiring designers.
The glamorous event is all set to happen on the 27th and 28th of September in Chennai ITC Hotel and is organized by Prowolion Eventz.  “A major part of the sponsorship collected from the event will be donated towards the welfare of the farmers” says Prabhakaran PC.


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